Before "Wyoming Where I Belong" became the Wyoming State Song , The Cheyenne Symphony Orchestra performed the song along with another song Annie & Amy wrote with fellow songwriters Todd Dereemer and Ty Warner  for the City of Cheyenne's 150th Anniversary.  

The directors of The All City Select Children's Chorus, MaryAnn Fritz and Marilyn  Collins, asked if they could teach their children's choir both  the "Wyoming Where I Belong" Song and the "Cheyenne Anthem " Song. 

Amy & Annie were invited to listen to the All City Children's choir sing the songs at a concert and later to sing with the choir at a few special concerts. Two summers ago the All City Choir traveled to Nashville and performed at the Opryland Hotel and the Frist Museum among other Nashville places.

It was a special time for all of us. Bringing Wyoming to Nashville and sharing the greatest gift of all...the music in our souls...

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All City Children's Choir performing "Wyoming Where I Belong"

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Governor Matt Mead with Songwriters, Annie & Amy signing the Bill for "Wyoming Where I Belong"  

Wyoming Where I Belong

Official State Song

The song "Wyoming Where I Belong" took an 18 year journey to arrive at its final destination as an Official State song of Wyoming. 

The song debuted in New York Central Park at an Outdoor Fundraising Event featuring artists such as: Singer, Don Henley, Conductor, Marvin Hamlisch, Speaker Art Buchwald. The following morning the song "Wyoming Where I Belong" played on Good Morning America.  

A few years later, the songwriters, Amy & Annie were signed on Warner Bros. Records in Nashville as Recording artists. They toured overseas and the song was picked up on BBC Radio all over Europe. 

Soon " Wyoming Where I Belong" developed a large following in the states via social media. People from all over the world responded to this song saying how much it reminded them of home. 

Eventually people in Wyoming were requesting "Wyoming Where I Belong" to become Wyoming's State Song. Amy & Annie with the help of some House Representatives and the City's select Children's Choir presented the song to both the Wyoming House and Senate. The Legislature responded and the song "Wyoming Where I Belong" became a Bill and signed into Law by Governor Matt Mead in July 2018